We. Green Dot Greater Fond du Lac is Community Bystander Intervention Training – a project under the Women’s Fund’s Fond du Lac Says No More initiative.

Green Dot utilizes a nationally proven curriculum that helps well-meaning individuals act in situations where they see power-based violence in every day life circumstances.


Actively promote two community values in the greater Fond du Lac area: 1) Power-based personal violence will not be tolerated. 2) Everyone does his/her part to maintain a safe community.



Be part of the solution:

    1. Request Green Dot Training.  Request Training Now

    2. Bring Green Dot Training workshop and practices into your business.

    3. Share Green Dot with family, friends and coworkers. 


No one has to do everything if we all do something.

At some point in our lives, all of us have probably felt frozen to act in situations that are difficult to navigate – especially as a bystander. Green Dot can help.

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