June 19, 2019


Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training is a project under the Women’s Fund’s Fond du Lac Says No More initiative. Green Dot utilizes a nationally proven curriculum that helps well-meaning individuals act in situations where they see power-based violence in every day life circumstances.

OUR FOCUS: End power-based personal violence

This includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, elder abuse and child abuse.


Green Dot is a comprehensive approach to power-based violence prevention that focuses on the power of peer and cultural influence through bystander intervention.

The use of the 3 D’s – Direct. Distract. Delegate. – allows for the utilization of tools that all personality types can embrace in the work to end all forms of abuse in our community.


Talk directly to the person using the harmful behaviors.
Check in with the person you are concerned about.


Use a distraction to defuse the situation or calm things down in the moment. Switch the topic of conversation, “accidentally” spill a drink or use your phone to make a loud noise.


Ask others for help.
Whether you ask friends, family, a bartender, a manager or a stranger, there are others who can help.

Why “we”?

Vast community change can only be accomplished and sustained when “we” work together. It begins with each of us – individual selves – learning more and doing more as individual bystanders, but it is most powerful when all of us – we – come together in a united cause to end violence in the greater Fond du Lac area.

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By: Fond du Lac Area Womens Fund